Vision, Mission & Statement of Purpose

Vision, Mission & Statement of Purpose (shared by John Mugabi)

Our Ministry is a ministry of reconciliation. Our vision is big as there are still many needy children to oversee. These days, Uganda has many elders who are no longer minded with the ministry, but with their own businesses and families.   Our prayer is that in Nkumba this never happens. I have taught all the ministers in Nkumba how to deny themselves and serve God. We are trusted and respected for being good stewards, and we give a financial report in every presbytery.

In our ministry, we are not after money at all.  Ever since we started, we have not made any profits.  We are after seeing our future in these young men and women.  We do not like to see all the kids on the street, in prison and in other risky places.

Our ministry includes:
1.  A big prison ministry with evangelism to more than 1000 men each week.
2.  A ministry to about 500 orphans.
3.  A food programme for widows and orphans
4.  A Ministry of Christian Instruction to over 1200 Children
5.  A growing church of more than 450 Christians
6.  58 men and women with whom we are serving
7.  A renewal conference for more than 1000 pastors and leaders every January
8.  2 to 3 people seeking for help everyday at our offices.