NCS- Sister School

Northwest Christian School, in Phoenix, AZ, was established in 1980 and has become well known not only as a school that exceeds academically but also as a school that desires to disciple its students.

Faculty and staff continue to encourage students in ministry and in service of Christ.

In 2008, a sister-school relationship was established with Nkumba Christian Schools in Uganda (incidentally, also NCS!).  We are all excited to see how the sister-school relationship will develop.  Both schools serve elementary and high school age students.

The sister-school relationship was formally announced in October 2008, and already we’ve seen exciting responses.  A few are listed below!

  1. Five more orphans have been sponsored (by faculty & homerooms).
  2. Two elementary teachers are initiating PB&J day (in lieu of ordering out), and are planning on giving the saved money to feed orphans in Nkumba.
  3. Parents of an 8-year old girl held a birthday party and requested no presents.  In lieu of presents, gifts were given for mosquito nets (to prevent malaria) and for food for the food program for orphans and widows.  They plan to hold a similar birthday party for their older daughter later this year.
  4. $600 was raised in a penny war.
  5. One teacher has indicated an interest in teaching at Nkumba for a year.
  6. Another teacher has indicated he and his family will be participating in RICE NIGHT.  If you’ll be participating in RICE NIGHT, feel free to e-mail us and let us know!

We look forward to adding to this list!!  May your enthusiasm stir all of us to action! (2 Corinthians 9:2)