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One of this century’s greatest human plights, the AIDS pandemic, has created orphans by the millions. Uganda, Africa is a hub for orphans, with some of the first outbreaks of AIDS springing from one of its cities, Rakai, Uganda, which is just a few hours south of the capital city of Kampala. The majority of orphans in Uganda have been left parent-less by AIDS, but a good number have also been orphaned in northern Uganda due to the murderous 20-year war led by a rebel army (the LRA).  Some young orphaned children turn to crime and prostitution for survival, while others simply go hungry and live without the basic necessities of life.

John Mugabi lives in Nkumba, Uganda, and he runs a Christian boarding school that cares for hundreds of orphaned children. John’s love for the Lord is deep and genuine, and his greatest goal in caring for the orphaned children of Uganda is to share the good news of Jesus with them. His desire is to see them grow up into joyful, God-fearing adults who become faithful servants of the Living God.

But orphan care is not the only work in which he is involved. In 1996, at age 19, John began sharing the gospel with prisoners. The prison evangelism work the Lord gave him to do has grown, and John was recently named Chairman of Prison Fellowship Uganda.  John regularly does evangelism work in more than 30 prisons, each with approximately 1,000 to 2,000 prisoners. In 2005, the death of a prisoner whom John knew, Milly, left six children orphaned. Those six children were the first to be sponsored in conjunction with John’s ministry. There are now more than 125 children sponsored through Remember the Poor, and many more are awaiting help.

See Photos of the Nkumba Leaders

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