100% of your donation goes directly to Uganda.
Remember the Poor is staffed and run entirely by volunteers.

Make a donation:

Remember the Poor is a 501 c(3) charitable organization.  All donations are tax-deductible.  Checks can be made payable to:

PO Box 1013
Lynden, WA 98264

Please include your e-mail address so we may send your gift receipt by e-mail.   For the cost of one stamp, one child can be fed for one day.  Help us feed more!

Or you may donate via paypal, using your credit/debit card or your paypal account.  If you are able to donate via check, 100% of your donation will go directly to Uganda.  If you donate via Paypal, a 2.5% fee is assessed by Paypal.

As a ministry, it is important to us not to encourage debt, but we are providing the option to donate via paypal (using credit cards, etc) as a convenience and to provide a giving vehicle for international donors.  It is our hope that the body of Christ works to free itself from debt (The borrower is slave to the lender~ Proverbs 22:7), and that debt is not incurred in order to donate.

You may contact RTP’s bookkeeper, Jenell Te Velde by e-mail.

The Ministries of Nkumba

58 men and women (mostly volunteers) serve with this ministry

1.  Weekly prison evangelism in 10 prisons, each housing 1000 to 2000 prisoners
2.  Caring for (evangelizing, feeding & educating) more than 350 orphans
3.  Food program for widows and orphans
4.  Ministry of Christian Instruction to over 945 Children
5.  A growing church of more than 450 Christians
6.  Benevolence Ministry- 2 to 3 people seek help everyday at the Nkumba offices

Ways to donate:

If you are a monthly donor and are able to donate through automatic monthly donations from your checking account that is a blessing to the ministry as the process if fully automated.  However, we welcome your donation in whatever form you are comfortable!

  • Automatic monthly donation through your bank’s online bill-pay
  • Write a check and mail it to RTP.
  • Donate via Paypal, using your debit or credit card or your paypal account. (Click on the paypal button above.)

Gift Receipts: Gift Receipts are sent for each gift received by e-mail.  If we do not have your e-mail address, will you please provide it?  Did you know that for nearly the cost of a stamp, one child can be fed for a day?!  If you do have other gift receipt needs or don’t use e-mail, please let us know.  We’ll be happy to work with you!

END OF YEAR Gift Receipts:  If you would like an annual receipt for your total gifts for the year, please contact our book-keeper and one will be sent by e-mail.  If you need to have yours mailed, please let us know!

Tax Exemption: Remember the Poor (RTP) has ultimate authority to use contributions made to RTP at RTP’s discretion for purposes consistent with RTP’s tax-exempt purposes.