Financial Accountability

If we would be ashamed by full disclosure of our finances—everything from our salaries and all other sources of income to our proportion of giving—it’s an indication we should be living differently. ~ Randy Alcorn, Money, Possessions & Eternity, pg 275

We welcome both personal and corporate financial accountability.  Please feel free to e-mail us with any personal questions.

Financial Reports of Remember the Poor are available upon request.

Remember the Poor is in the process of obtaining ECFA (Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability) membership.

US Accountability:

Remember the Poor requests and keeps on file for the ECFA and for the IRS copies of documents (such as land titles when land is purchased).  Often, receipts for purchases like sand, bricks, food, etc. are not available in countries like Uganda.  They always send us photos of the completed work.  And of course representatives and friends of Remember the Poor are in Nkumba several times a year.  So, we’re able to see the completed work in person.

Money is transmitted to Nkumba via wire transfer.  The board is notified of the details of every wire that goes out.  No one takes a salary–everyone who is connected with Remember the Poor volunteers their time.

Uganda Accountability:

John Mugabi and the board of elders of Nkumba Presbyterian church are under the central presbytery.   The board of elders turns in reports quarterly to the presbytery.  The Ugandan churches function in the same way a US church would function when they receive money for building projects, etc.

Additionally there are 3 accountants/book-keepers at the school.  (The school and church function together.)  Financial reports from Nkumba are available upon request.


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